The 4et

After having created and integrated different projects with various Jazz musicians based in Brussels and The Hague, Marc Demuth surrounded himself with Joachim Badenhorst (Belgium) on the clarinet and bass-clarinet, Pascal Schumacher (Luxembourg) on the vibraphone and Yves Peeters (Belgium) on the drums. This was the starting point of the Marc Demuth 4tet. Later on, the portuguese singer Sofia Ribeiro also joined this international quartet that was very active performing in various European countries as well as the United States. The album ORIK was released in 2008 and presented in various countries like Portugal, Spain, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany and Morocco. The very uncommon instrumentation putting together the clarinets and the vibraphone with the voice, made this band explore new paths and colors while mixing original compositions of Marc Demuth and Sofia Ribeiro with some arrangements of Brazilian standards.

– “It radiates from ORIK an inspiration and a charm that reveals in one side strength and in the other cohesion. Marc Demuth recalls a “binary jazz”, we say instead that it’s a paradoxical jazz, kind of a tropical declination of the “cool jazz”, like if Chet Baker would seize his trumpet after having danced the Samba in Rio and listened to Fado in Lisbon.” Gaston Carré, «Luxemburger Wort» April 08 – about ORIK
– “From the first theme on, the Marc Demuth 4tet plunges in a very personal and unique musical universe, a mix of an uncommon vocal Jazz, inspired by the Fado, the Brazilian rhythms and oriental colors. The compositions of this CD are strong in expressivity, character and passion. An original album, interesting and full of emotions that tells us the story of a warm summer in Ourique.” Marc Fiedler «D’Land» May 08 – about ORIK