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02/11/2016Reis Demuth Wiltgen performing at Cortez, Mito (JP)03/11/2016Reis Demuth Wiltgen performing at Kamome, Yokohama (JP)04/11/2016Reis Demuth Wiltgen performing at Cotton Club, Tokyo (JP)06/11/2016Reis Demuth Wiltgen performing at Joganji Buddhist Temple, Osaka (JP)07/11/2016Reis Demuth Wiltgen performing at Sahouril, Kyoto (JP)

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Reis Demuth Wiltgen will be sharing the stage with the one and only Joshua Redman!

We will be playing a concert with the saxophonist Joshua Redman March 26 at 20h00 in the context of the Festival Printemps Musical in Luxembourg!

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Reis Demuth Wiltgen will be teaching a workshop in Praia, Cabo Verde this September!

We will be in Cidade da Praia from the 2nd to the 5th of September teaching a Jazz worshop!

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Reis Demuth Wiltgen will be recording their second album this August!

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Reis Demuth and Wiltgen will be on tour in Japan in November!

Check out their agenda for details!…

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Reis Demuth & Wiltgen will be on the road again! This time in Greece, France, Dominican Republic, Poland and Switzerland!

Check their agenda for this Summer!

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